Event Highlights

2019-11-28 Communication Tips & Tricks (with Mark Peterson, HIS)
2019-09-26 Tinnitus: recent scientific insights & potential new treatments (with Dr. Ian Bruce)
2019-09-07 7th Annual FUNdraising Golf Tournament
2019-06-23 Cochlear Implant Meeting
2019-05-23 CHHA Hearing Health Fair
2019-03-28 The Brain and Hearing Loss
2018-11-29 Your CHHA in 2019 and Beyond!!!
2018-09-27 Do you hear bells ringing? . . . Or buzzing or humming?
2018-09-15 CHHA 6th Annual FUNdraising Golf Tournament
2018-06 CHHA ad for month of June on Hamilton Street Railway bus
2018-06-24 Cochlear Implant Meeting
2018-05-31 Hearing is Fragile Panel Discussion with Shanni Philp, Dr. E. Jeney and Andrea Sloan
2018-05-30 Seniors Kickoff
2018-03-29 Extra help for your hearing aids: Assistive Listening Devices
2017-11-30 Hearing aids are for speech not music at least up to now
2017-09-16 CHHA Hamilton Wine and Dine Golf Tournament
2017-06-25 Cochlear Implant Meeting

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2017-05-18 3rd Annual HEARING Health Fair
2017-03-30 Hearing Aids LOVE Hearing Loops
2016-12-01 The Hidden Cost of Untreated Hearing Loss